The TDR Agency

We create communications and experiences designed to ignite business growth.

We do it together. Content powered and evidence based. Delivering results.

Together – Our experience shows that best results are achieved with collaboration. Mutually shared knowledge and business understanding creates optimal atmosphere for best business & marketing insight. This in turn leads to best decisions and best chosen actions. Consider us your personal marketing & communications task force - armed with shared vision & business insight.

Data – We use data to act better. This data can be about media investment, local regulations, economic indicators or behavioural data about your brand or target group. Solid tracking of all the activities gives us real time status of how your key metrics are developing. Your figures are our figures. We treat them well.

Results – Continuous analysis of data and results is essential part of the deal. Everything we do is designed to serve one purpose only - your business. Your result is our result. We believe in your ROI - in everything we do.

Tools & Methods

To get the max performance out of the TDR agency machine, we use chosen and self-developed tools and methods.

Design System

We use Design System to drive results and make every brand element part of a unified plan with built-in directions of how to use it. Design system ties together everything from brand purpose and values to visual elements, style guides and even down to pattern & media libraries. Design system makes all brand elements accessible and easy to implement for you and everyone in your network. Ultimately it makes your life so much easier and takes your brand experience to another level.

The Mamba Way™

We have turned the traditional marketing campaign model upside down. From the creative planning to media utilisation and campaign design process. We call it The Mamba Way™.

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72h Mamba Flow™

72h Mamba Flow™ is designed to drive quick action whenever you need to move fast.

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From strategy and design down to sizzling action.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Brand strategy


  • Branding
  • Service Design
  • Ecommerce
  • UI/UX Design


  • Film Productions
  • Advertising Productions
  • Campaign Planning
  • Digital Advertising


  • Virgin Mobile MEA

    Black Mamba core team was heavily involved in developing Virgin Mobile go-to-market marketing strategy concept for their Saudi Arabian launch.

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  • Kotipizza

    We’ve had the privilege to work with Kotipizza as part of their lean marketing team through their rebranding phase an onwards. We have been heavily involved in branding, marketing strategy, marketing concepts & execution, e-commerce optimisation, video & ad production, digital signage & web design.

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  • Viking Line

    Black Mamba core team was heavily involved in designing & executing content marketing driven marketing strategy for their latest cruise ferry launch, Viking Grace.

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  • Eero Aarnio Originals

    We have been honoured to help our friends at EEAA with their content strategy, photography & website development and commercial optimisation.

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