Mamba People

Our experienced TDR troops. Ready to tackle your unique business challenges.

  • Aleksi Lehtonen

    Aleksi Lehtonen

    Strategist / CEO / Partner

    Result and analytics driven strategist with solid experience in marketing, media, ecommerce and everything digital. Aleksi is ready to tackle any business challenge of yours. Give him a call, will ya!

    +358 50 440 0070

  • Jere-Matti Järvinen

    Jere-Matti Järvinen

    Design Director / Partner

    Driven with keen aesthetic eye and relentless aim to perfection, Jere is your pixel perfect digital-first designer. Jere has years of experience under his belt in branding, web design, marketing campaign design, surface design and service design.

    +358 40 821 7845

  • Teemu Konttila

    Teemu Konttila

    Content Specialist / CFO / Partner

    Aiming at minimalism and simplicity, Teemu is your go-to fellow in content strategy, storytelling and copywriting. Simple is as simple does.

    +358 50 589 8883

  • Mete Ufacik

    Mete Ufacik

    Creative Producer / Partner

    Mete is your weapon of mass destruction concerning anything with film & photography. Armed with years of experience in producing, directing, shooting & editing. He’s got the perfect know-how to make it happen on any scale from brand films & photography to small scale productions. Quickly and efficiently.

    +358 40 821 7878

  • Mihkel Lind

    Mihkel Lind

    UI/UX Designer / Developer / Partner

    Want to make your world a better place for your customers? Mihkel is your man for user experience and user interface design. With solid web development background Mihkel is also very aware what’s going on under the hood.

    +358 44 088 8013


  • Mikko Rauhamäki

    Graphic Designer

    Mikko knows how to hold a pen as well as a mouse. Mikko is an illustrator with skills to also handle demanding web design.

  • Kalle Alanen

    Omni-Channel Commerce Professional

    Kalle will build and optimise your sales funnel. To put it simply, Kalle will help you sell more.

  • Sami Kaunisvirta

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Sami is an experienced graphic designer for both online & offline.

  • Jussi Helsten

    Photographer / Cinematographer

    Jussi is well renowned photographer and cinematographer armed with sharp eye and quick fingers.

  • Samuli Junttila

    Content Specialist

    Samuli is a video & film content specialist.

  • Simo Viitanen


    Simo is a versatile cinematographer, known for his technical expertise.

  • Ville Olkkonen

    Developer & System Architect

    Ville will solve even your most complex challenges concerning websites & e-commerce.